Currently based in Bangalore, Ritu Arya is a freelance artist, primarily working with the music and lifestyle sector. A textile design graduate with a keen interest in Indian textiles & crafts, she spent a few years running a blog [Razzle Dazzle Pickle] where she combined her love for both music and photography, and has also been co-running a music community [Drum and Bass India] that promotes and supports and related artists in the country. In the middle of a slow transition of work/career, from design to art, she is starting her further studies in Fine Art, this year, at The Glasgow School of Art.


At the moment, she is delving into multiple mediums, with photography being the main outlet, and her work mostly revolves around human emotions, memories, trauma, anguish, lingering thoughts, void and such.




• Education

2014 • Bachelor of Design [Textile Design]
National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, Ind

• Exhibitions

Published in Art Hole magazine [UK] | November 2020

Indernet 2020 by Masala Movement [Cologne, Germany] | June 2020

Indernet 2021 by Masala Movement [Cologne, Germany] | June 2021

• Academic Experience

Expert Guest Lecture [Fashion Journalism] | National Institute of Fashion Technology, Blr

End Term Jury Adjudication [Fashion in Print Media, Fashion Communication III] | National Institute of Fashion Technology, Blr



• Clients & Collaborations

Vans, HM & Kenzo, Nike, Vogue x Gap India, Burberry,

Lee, Swarovski, Jockey India and more.

• Press & Features

Vogue [India], Dove x Vogue India | Real Beauty, Elle [India], Cosmopolitan [India and Japan], Verve [India] and more.

The core essence of my work remains to be emotions, be it a photo story, a creative piece of writing or a painting; it is all very emotive. I could say it’s an attempt at vocalizing the vehement thoughts and feelings inside. Most of my ideas come from the constant pondering and observations of the daily happenings, and eventually noticing my own feelings and that of others’ about it. As I move further with my journey of understanding myself and my work, one thing that’s evidently obvious is that the foundation of it all is inevitably centered on the regular highs and lows of life. Big believer in simple things, I wish to put together the day-to-day things into a perspective that stirs something inside the viewer, like a small part of my own agitation. As a creator, I wish for my work to unsettle some, comfort some, while also letting them know that they aren’t alone.